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  • Tax Advisory Services

    Tax Advisory Services by BDO in Armenia

Tax Advisory

The rapidly changing tax legislation along with the complexity of the interpretation of some legal regulations generally causes risks inherent to business' ability to adapt to the changing environment. Meanwhile, from the point of view of business transactions and tax consequences of different projects, the demand of investigation and planning is growing conditioned by the fact that tax legislation and regulations are constantly changing, as a result of which a need to be consistent and keep up with the changes arises.

To meet your business needs BDO in Armenia offers you Tax Advisory Services tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Tax Advisory services that BDO in Armenia renders include:

Tax reports in Armenia are multiform, besides they are often “conjoined’’ with other references and compulsory information which causes difficulties. Nevertheless many companies prefer preparing the reports themselves and invite a specialist to review those reports. To meet the need in the market, our company provides tax review and research services by means of either visiting clients’ office and using their internal accounting software resources, as well as review of documentation related realized transactions and through “interviews” or, in other conditions, in absentia: by telephone, email and other means of communication.
We carry out two types of tax reviews:

  • Post Period Tax Review - BDO's team reviews the submitted monthly tax returns to reveal the related risks, establishing compliance between your tax and accounting policies and RA Tax legislation requirements.
  • Current Period Tax Review - We carry out regular researches of current tax returns before submitting it to tax authority with the provision that we also participate in preparation of annual reports and calculation of taxes payable. BDO professionals ensure regular consultations on tax optimization issues related to your business activities.

In the course of globalization, our country signs bilateral interstate and intergovernmental international treaties, joins to the multilateral agreements: a vivid example is the membership of Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union since January 2, 2015. We understand the importance of free motion of capital, goods and services, people and ideas from country to country, from region to region and we try to help investors, international organizations, and the government in those issues. Assessment of tax consequences of the international transactions and planning in accordance with RA laws and international agreements is one of the professional axis of our company.

Constantly changing tax environment often causes the situations highly exposed to tax risks and confusions. Such situations can lead to disputes with tax authorities and this is where BDO professionals come to help you:

  • Review the penalties and sanctions charged according to the acts issued by tax authorities;
  • Assistance in preparation of efficient argumentation in a tax dispute;
  • Participation in preparation of the resolution for arbitration hearings.

Thus, BDO tax department in Armenia offers the full package of professional advisory services in taxation thus guiding and leading businesses to navigate the legislative changes adopting the best favorable flows for their businesses.

Why to choose BDO in Armenia?


  • BDO in Armenia employs a highly experienced professional team, consisting of lawyers, accountants and analyst experts
  • Our professionals regularly  organize and participate in trainings pacing up with ever-changing tax legislation
  • We are engaged in multiform cooperation projects with local and foreign organizations

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