• Recruitment and onboarding process

Recruitment and onboarding process

Application screening: All applications received pass screening stage by closely scrutinizing applicant’s details (experience, background, software and language skills) with the requirements of vacant positions, after which only shortlisted candidates are called for interview.

Telephone interview: It is done for a preliminary inquiry of candidate’s personal information and qualifications. 

Testing: A series of examinations that may include IQ, verbal and quantitative deduction tests.

Group interview:  Interview in a 5-8 members group with our professional specialists during which we evaluate candidate’s team player ability and individual thinking within various discussions and play roles (this type of interview may be done depending on opening specifics).

Individual interview: This is the final stage which is very important as we will get to know the further plans with candidate.

Screening conclusion:  After the successful accomplishment of the above-mentioned steps and due to collegial conclusions of our professionals the final assessment is done. The evaluation is carried out based on the results of all stages and the opinion on candidate’s motivation, creativity and professional preparedness expressed during interview.  

Feedback: Information about the conclusion will be given to candidates 10 days after the individual interview. 


Candidates who may not be selected in the scope of specific opening will have a chance to apply again for upcoming vacant positions.