• IFRS Reporting

IFRS Reporting

Conversion to IFRS is much more than a technical accounting issue. IFRS may significantly affect any number of a company's day-to-day operations or even impact the reported profitability of the business itself.

BDO is your best choice if you need to:

  • Prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS (compilation)
  • Identify the implications of IFRS changes for your financial instruments, long-term and current assets and liabilities and taxes.
  • Evaluate the implications of taxation for the financial statements prepared according to IFRS
  • Optimize the solutions related to conversion to the IFRS and ensure that the bigger business opportunities will be considered.
  • Have recommendations and practical assistance in connection with conversion to the international accounting standards.

Your benefits:

BDO Armenia has a proven track record in helping companies successfully complete the transition to new accounting standards. Reflecting the complexity of the task at hand, we have a range of specialists to assist your company's conversion to IFRS, including: technical accounting, treasury, tax, valuations and project management specialists. Our Transition IFRS methodology has been applied to many projects in the last few years. This methodology, as well as getting the numbers right and guiding companies through operational problems, focuses on effective knowledge transfer to ensure lasting benefits.

 We create opportunities for you to benefit